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The context of economic growth and consumerism frames the forces that both facilitate and hinder progress towards sustainable societies and thus sustainable organizations. The 2010 State of the World captures several perspectives on many issues that influence transforming cultures from consumerism to sustainability.


Organizations need chart their near term change agendas with respect for the reality that the march to sustainability can play out in a number of differing scenarios. Good change management blends credible future scenarios into present-day action plans. Resources that inform leaders on effective frameworks and processes include Creating a Climate for Change, Leading Change Toward Sustainability, and Large Group Methods.


However, although stakeholder engagement is necessary for effective change management, it is not necessarily sufficient as cautioned in this paper.

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Stakeholder Enagagement and Communications

“Consumer trust is the most perishable of assets.” - Business Week, 2008

Effective Stakeholder engagement requires strong leadership, commitment, transparency, and communication to establish trust and build a lasting competitive advantage.

At Sustainametrics, we view stakeholder engagement as a continuous process fundamental to the core business strategy. We believe in a broad concept of “engagement” that focuses on inclusive relationship building across three classifications of stakeholders; “core”, “peripherals” and “observers”.


We approach stakeholder engagement with a rigorous impact assessment of all stakeholders and your business objectives. Our goal with stakeholder engagement is to gain a holistic view of the impacts outside the direct control of the company. Peripheral and observer stakeholders can have significant and growing impact on businesses that are often overlooked in strategic planning. We help your company leverage formal and informal networks, source new ideas, reduce risk, gain insights into the future and benchmark competitor’s efforts and customer expectations.

Stakeholder engagement is key to building a sustainable business strategy. By identifying core business goals, supply chain impacts and opportunities to build reputation and brand equity, a company will create market differentiation and lasting value.

Communications Programs

Sustainametrics helps clients design and execute targeted communications programs that meet real strategic needs within budget and time constraints.


Winning crucial support for key programs and projects depends in no small part on effective presentation. Our communications specialists and engineers help technical and executive clients communicate their ideas using exhibits, slides, video, and multimedia presentations. Typical services range from collecting and analyzing original information to outlining, designing, and producing presentations and scripts.


Our professionally designed publications help our clients sell new ideas and products to key audiences. We offer a full range of publication services, from research, writing, and design -- including photography and pre-press production -- through delivery of the printed product. We're equally comfortable writing in promotional or technical styles, and can tailor both our writing and design to appeal to your target audience.


Our web team assists clients with all phases of website construction, including user requirements, user interface, layout design, development, content management system, password protected spaces, client portals, and database forms.

Online Stakeholder Advisory Councils

Because face to face town hall and field gatherings do not cover the full reach clients need to have into their communities, we set up opt-in online communities of representative groups for feedback, ongoing dialogue, and outreach. Once the employees, customers, suppliers, community members, NGO’s join the Council, they can be quickly and affordably engaged with a variety of tools and methods. These include: online polls, surveys, focus groups, forums, networking, exchanging ideas and consensus building.

Conference Development and Coordination

We can organize a variety of regional, national, and international conferences. This work entails session planning, designing on-site displays, developing brochures and registration materials, and arranging conference logistics. We also facilitate workshops as well as prepare post-conference documentation.