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Sustainametrics services are designed to help our clients become more efficient, respected, ecologically aligned and profitable for the long term while inspiring their people and customers. In a word, sustainable. Our core services, detailed in the clickable service offerings menu to your left, are designed to improve your bottom line with enhanced energy, water, and material efficiency, and by improving your brand equity.

Our team’s holistic systems approach allows us to leverage the complimentary nature of our services across disciplinary boundaries to uncover opportunities for revenue enhancement while maximizing the value we offer our clients.




We understand that our services must be aligned with your organization’s core business, mission, values, and stage of sustainable development.  We start with an interview process to find how you operate and where sustainability fits.  We work with you to develop goals, budgets, metrics, and timelines, then prepare an implementation plan.  Our typical approach is outlined in the following steps:  


Initiation and Discovery.  We work to understand your business, make a business case for sustainability, assess the organization’s baseline and sustainable practices, plan a course and achieve executive and staff input and buy in.  This can include performing water, material, environmental, or energy (greenhouse gas or GHG) foot printing, process or performance metric benchmarking, assessing risk and preparing a stakeholder map, identifying human, natural and material assets, reviewing operations and identifying "low hanging fruit" to reduce expenses in energy, waste and materials, water, or other company practices.


Strategic Alignment and Goal Setting.  The next step is to align your strategic goals with the estimated budget, effort, and timeline associated with various levels of sustainability initiatives.  This effort can include visioning exercises such as back-casting or scenario planning and setting goals such as carbon neutrality, reducing total tons of solid waste, increasing employee and customer satisfaction/perception related to social and environmental responsibility of the organization, and the pursuit of green certifications.


Action Plan.  The action plan sets a clear course, timeline and budget, identifies the team members, and the necessary tools and performance metrics.  Milestones are identified and feedback mechanisms are enacted.


Implementation.  The implementation phase is where the bulk of the work is done as the Action Plan is fulfilled.  During this stage our strong background in leveraging technology underpins our services and results in value added for our clients in unexpected ways. Frequently, our clients tell us that we differentiate ourselves through excellent communication, collaboration, and stakeholder engagement.