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Tools and knowledge bases are the levers that transform the concept of sustainability into tangible actions. These actions change the way organizations perform their work and justify their existence by effectively meeting the needs of their customers. Moving beyond the false assumption that most natural resources and services are essentially free for the taking is difficult given that much of the industrial age was developed on the premise.


The emerging rules of the post 20th century increasingly assign value to these resources and services. This, in turn, encourages reframing of assumptions on how to manage for sustainability as discussed in The Sustainability Handbook and the Business Guide to Sustainability. These are good starting points as well as reminders of what is necessary to successfully compete in the 21st century.

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Tools and Knowledge Bases

Our Approach: Sustainametrics works with clients through a systems perspective lens, strategic engagements that encompass a holistic approach to the organization. 

We also recognize that some organizations need specific expertise to get an ad hoc project done and they need to fill a gap in an existing path to sustainability.  We can help in both cases.  For those organizations seeking a ground up approach, we offer a methodology that brings to bear the leading frameworks and tools in sustainable management.

The following process model shows the approach Sustainametrics uses in scoping its assessment and planning engagements.  Drawing upon The Natural Step and the SCORE approach developed by Axis Performance/Zero Waste Alliance, we follow the steps indicated in the orange circle below. We provide an overview of what sustainability means to business, as well as the business case for it.  We work with each major organizational function or department to identify what practices are used and where they want to go in terms of sustainable best practices. We then support our clients’ progress through stages of increasing value.  The green circle below shows the metrics, owners, action plans and reports that we put in place through web-based tools to track and measure progress as the organization moves from planning to pilots, onto initiatives and eventually, embedded systemic practices as it matures into a sustainable organization. Our clients can expect to achieve business performance results early (through efficiencies) and in the longer-term, through strategic sustainability.

Sustainametrics process diagram

Frameworks and Tools


We ensure that we bring to bear strategic frameworks and tools so that our clients’ plans and initiatives are well grounded in proven methods.

  • Natural Capitalism
  • The Natural Step™
  • Integrated Triple Bottom Line
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Holistic Management


  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
  • LEED
  • Footprint Calculators (water, carbon, etc.)
  • Metrics (GDP, GPI, GRI, SRI)
  • Total Beauty™
  • Biomimicry
  • SROI
  • Sustainability Helix
  • Blended Value
  • Integrated Bottom Line
  • LASER Manual
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • ISO 50001
  • SOS (Blackburn)
  • Wheel of Change
  • City Climate Protection Manual
  • FASB redefining Profit
  • Factor 4 and Factor 1