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Energy/Greenhouse Gas Emission Management - Download our Fact Sheet


Reporting GHG use is well framed by the General Reporting Protocol v1.1 developed by the Climate Registry.  One perspective of the economics of migrating to a low-carbon economy and capturing energy efficiency opportunities in the U.S. are found in these McKinsey reports. This ACEEE report proffers a note of optimism by suggesting that most economic projections underestimate energy efficiency potential.


It is particularly encouraging to observe that a benefit beyond using less energy is that Green Buildings also encourage healthy lives as noted in this Business Week article.

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Energy / Greenhouse Gas Emission Management

Drive profitability with energy efficiency and greenhouse gas management.  Many facilities can realize 20-30% improvements in energy use with little or no capital investment. 


Challenges and Opportunities

In this economy any investment of resources must have a rapid and quantifiable payback.  Energy efficiency and leveraging government incentives where possible provides exceptional return on investment and market advantages. Whether it stems from a need to meet customer requirements, prepare for regulation (like AB32 in California), or from a desire to reduce operating expenses, our clients face energy and GHG challenges.


These include: How do we measure GHG/Carbon emissions? How do we satisfy customer demands for sustainability? How do we identify areas of inefficiency and develop a plan for action? How will this save money? What is the ROI?


Sustainametrics integrated solutions include:

Energy Audits & Carbon Foot Printing

Measure current baseline energy use and carbon emissions and identify opportunities for efficiency savings and long term improvements.

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Identify renewable energy options to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, enhance reputation, and insulate from resource volatility.

Strategic Planning

Integrate energy efficiency and renewable energy plans into your corporate strategy and sustainability goals. Establish baseline metrics, reduction targets, reporting, and incentives. Calculate pay-back and ROI.



Prioritize actions and execute energy plans. Actions include building commissioning, HVAC analysis, CFC substitution and elimination, lighting conversions, weatherization, Energy Star audit, alternative transportation plans, packaging reduction, green IT, and renewable energy solutions.


We are in business to improve decision-making around Sustainability. We create clarity and reveal profitable synergies through objective assessments. We create tailored business case solutions and implementation plans. Experts in facilitation guide your team through information gathering, planning and prioritization, leveraging your expertise and building shared commitment. Partners ensure the highest levels of relevant experience on each project.

For energy/GHG solutions, an energy audit provides information on how a facility uses energy and how energy could be saved. Sustainametrics energy audits identify, quantify, describe and prioritize cost saving measures relating to energy use in the facility. We prioritize the opportunities for energy savings based on payback potential. We recommend the projects that pay for the implementation costs out of energy savings in a specified reasonable time.

We can also provide Carbon and GHG accounting with our energy audits. Our experienced consultants will calculate your carbon footprint and provide defined actions to reduce your emissions. As carbon reduction regulations and legislation become more prevalent, your company will have the necessary tools to stay ahead of the game.

Your Benefits

  • Immediate reduced operating expenses prioritized energy efficiency projects with defined payback periods and ROI
  • Lowered exposure to rising energy prices
  • Ability to measure, manage and report on GHG/Carbon emissions
  • Preparing for and staying ahead of government regulations and legislation
  • Ability to tunnel through perceived cost barriers to greater levels of efficiency/savings
  • Newly developed internal capacity to execute on sustainability plans

Our Deliverables

  • Needs assessment
  • Energy audit
  • Energy efficiency recommendations/plan,with timelines, costs, and payback estimates
  • GHG/Carbon Inventory: Scope I and Scope II, primarily, aligned with GHG Protocol, GRI and other leading standards
  • GHG/Carbon recommendations/plan with timelines, costs, management plan, and ROI estimates
  • Renewable energy analysis, design, and implementation
  • Training to build your internal capabilities


To learn more about our approach, please download the printable Energy and GHG Management Fact Sheet