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lean water for a more affluent world is considered one of the great challenges of the 21st century, particularly given the expectation of global warming over the next hundred years. The state of the world’s water is summarized in these biennial reports by Peter Gleick and two perspectives on the scale of the water challenges are presented in When the Rivers Run Dry and the Blue Covenant.

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Water Quality and Quantity

Water Quantity & Quality

Fresh water is mankind’s most important resource. Finite, and exhaustible, it is a basic requirement for life itself, and necessary for every aspect of economic activity. Our fresh water supply faces unprecedented threats from increased demand, decreased quality, and the impacts of climate change. Managing this crucial resource presents one of today’s greatest challenges.

Whether it stems from supply considerations, community concerns, regulatory or legal liabilities, preparing for regulation (like AB49 in California), or from a desire to reduce operating expenses, our clients face water challenges. These include: How do we assess and manage the risk of water issues on our value chains and business? How do we satisfy customer demands for sustainability? How do we identify areas of inefficiency and develop a plan for action? How will this save money? What is the ROI?

Sustainametrics offers integrated solutions to identify conservation opportunities to reduce your company’s water footprint, enhance discharge quality, insulate from resource volatility, and increase reputation including:

  • Water Audits & Foot Printing
  • Water Conservation Initiatives
  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementation

We will provide your company the necessary tools to stay ahead of the game.  To learn more about our approach, please download the Q2 Challenge Fact Sheet or visit our About page. You can learn more about our specific competencies by exploring our Services page or contacting us.