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Sustainametrics partners have a wealth of experience working on a variety of strategic planning, operational, product and marketing projects using best practices in sustainability.

Representative projects include:


Sustainability Roadmap: Higher Education   Sustainametrics designed and developed a Strategic Sustainability Roadmap for Columbia College of Chicago. The seven-month engagement began with expanding the Sustainability Task Force advisory group, facilitating visioning sessions and drafting sustainability language for the College’s Strategic Plan. This was followed by an assessment of sustainable practices and opportunities for the College using the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (“AASHE”) Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (“STARS”) as a framework.

Based on the results of the STARS assessment, we formed eight Green Teams around the functional areas of greenhouse gas, energy/buildings and water, academics/learnings, transportation, waste and recycling, procurement, information technology, and communications and engagement.. Sustainametrics led each team through SMART goal setting (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based) sessions in support of the college’s sustainability vision. The SMART goals provided the basis for implementable action plans with corresponding metrics that will be part of the Sustainability Roadmap.

Key to the project’s success was achieving support and buy-in vertically through the senior operating group, horizontally through the action and results-oriented Green Teams, and throughout the Columbia Community. Through communication and outreach efforts, we recruited 140 volunteers to serve as ambassadors for the initiatives. As examples of specific solutions, Sustainametrics led the Energy Green Team to identify funding mechanisms for prioritized energy saving projects. This innovative approach will enable the College to accelerate its energy conservation measures, resulting in lower energy costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and a significant financial return to the school. We also worked with Academics to advise on the integration of sustainable literacy into the academic environment, and sustainable practices into classroom operations. 

Client: Columbia College Chicago     Years: 2010-11


City of Napa
Sustainability Plan: Municipality   Sustainametrics facilitated, drafted and assisted implementation for the government operations and community sustainability plans. The ultimate goal of the Sustainability Plan was to create both a Qualified GHG Reduction Strategy consistent with CEQA guidelines and a visionary roadmap for the community to create a sustainable sense of place.

The engagement required initial research and assessment, training and coaching for 12 separate green teams, visioning and goal setting and a comprehensive community outreach effort to elevate awareness, create buy-in and establish cross functional government and citizen based teams around natural resource protection, energy management, waste reduction, water conservation and transportation. The project culminated with a successful “community connectedness” strategy that combined traditional media channels, social media and grass roots efforts to promote the initiatives and goals in the plan.

Client: City of Napa, CA     Year: 2011


Lean Enterprise Implementation:  Led the implementation of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Business processes for this vertically integrated manufacturing company specializing in advanced materials for the aerospace industry.  “Lean” change efforts commenced with visioning and strategic planning followed by the implementation roll out to 22 global operations.   The implementation required ongoing Rapid Improvement Workshop® and Kaizen events.  Extensive process mapping facilitated changes on factory floors and in administrative environments.  Reporting and metrics were critical for downstream supply chain compliance and investor relations.   
Client: Hexcel Corporation     Year: 2008


Sustainable Operating System:  Designed and Implemented sustainable operating plan for 6 resort properties.  This engagement included vision and policy objectives, executive and management training, baseline assessment, initiative prioritization, metrics and tracking.  The plan included initiatives in energy management, water conservation, waste reduction and recycling, and corporate social responsibility.  Each property was assessed for Green Seal certification compliance after which an approach was drafted for each property based on industry best practices.  The Company is currently in the application process for Green Seal bronze certification at all properties.   
Client: KSL Resorts     Year: 2009  .................................................... ...................................................                                                                 
Environmental Public Relations:  Led team to source renewable energy credits for the first ski resort in California to offset 100% of energy requirements.   The project included requirements analysis, pricing negotiation and development of a complete ongoing media campaign.  Additional branding and public relations responsibilities included responding to the Citizen’s Action Coalition for environmental survey including mitigation efforts, recycling program, forestry and slope preservation, and drafting press releases and board presentations related to environmental efforts.
Client: Sugar Bowl Resorts     Year: 2008

Green Product Line Testing, Development, and Launch:  We set up a 6-month panel of 1,000 consumers who acted as product and marketing program testers to ensure that a new green product line was tuned to the market and ineffective concepts and marketing tactics did not take valuable development resources. The virtual product test lab was used for concept tests, in home formula usage and effectiveness tests, messaging and infomercial tests, as well as packaging refinement. The system identified some low potential concepts and formulas, and strongly contributed to a successful launch of Greenworks, a new multi-million dollar line.
Client: Clorox     Year: 2006

Economic Development and Sustainable City Attractiveness:  We worked through our brand consultancy partner, Brandjuice, to help the City of Denver with intelligence on attracting new company relocations, convention planners, and tourists. We tested the attractiveness of city sustainability and climate attributes, importance ratings, comparisons to other cities, and positioning messages. This helped formulate a new campaign by the City and Convention Bureau, segmented by targets in Colorado, adjacent feeder states, and nationwide.
Client: City of Denver     Year: 2006

Consumer Energy Conservation Attitudes and Behavior:  Led studies in the environmental public policy field, including a recent public opinion study for the California PUC on consumer behavior for reducing CO2 emissions. The study uncovered specific consumer actions that are being taken now and expected in the future to reduce emissions and energy use.  The study then developed compelling evidence and messaging for changing consumer behavior to be used in public service announcements and marketing programs.
Client: California PUC     Year: 2007

Assessment of Sustainable Farming Opportunities for a Midwest Farm:  As a Limited Partner in a family farm with farmland in South Dakota, a research report was authored to bring the partners and tenant into a discussion of the impact of longer term constraints in climate variability, costs control, and fossil fuel dependence on largely monoculture farming of corn, soybeans, and wheat.  Best practices were surfaced on improving soil health and carbon sequestration, using crop-livestock rotations for reducing herbicides, pesticides, and nitrate fertilizers, investigating precision agriculture opportunities, and the emergence of fostering sustainable agriculture as a community commitment (Woodbury County, Iowa).  This report starts the discussion about the future of family farms in the Midwest.
Client:  A Family Farm Limited Partnership     Year:  2009

Insights into the Future of Wireless [Technology and Services]:  A report on the impact of changing technology, regulation, corporate social responsibility, social dynamics, and business trends to help corporate executives and managers better understand the forces shaping the future of the mobile communications business.  The insights contained in this report influenced corporate strategy as well as technology and service road mapping.
Client:  Large International Mobile Operator     Year: 2006

Post-Merger Strategy and Alignment:  Managed a post-merger strategy, alignment, and execution project for a $1.5 billion mobile telecom infrastructure company.  Developed strategy with CEO, CFO, and six global product division presidents.  Analyzed and synthesized market evolution, internal competencies, customer make-up/mix, emerging technologies, and the competitive landscape.  Managed the consulting process, including; interviews, information gathering, analysis, and intensive group planning sessions.   Facilitated strategy buy-in and developed execution plan with president to director levels across operating divisions, finance, global sales, and HR.  Resulted in a focused, robust, aligned strategy and 18 month execution plan that positioned the company to build on its new leadership position in its market.
Client:  $1.5 billion telecom equipment company     Year:  2003-04

Small Business Growth:  Strategy, execution, marketing, and sales for a leadership development and coaching firm.  Took on staff roles in finance, business development, marketing and sales for this firm focused on leadership development and business growth for small to mid-sized clients.  Aligned internal strengths with market needs, and helped to reposition the company into areas of greater value (leadership development with larger clients). Co-created and effectively executed marketing and sales plan.  Prioritized, initiated, and built client relationships and revenue generating partnerships.  Also, provided  business growth consulting and coaching to variety of clients.  
Client: Leadership development and coaching firm     Year: 2006-07

Corporate Growth and Capital:  Strategic planning and capital-raise project for organic and fair trade food company.  Analyzed and made recommendations for strategic changes to supply chain, distribution and overall business model.  Managed $2 million capital raise, including investor relationships, developing funding strategy, financial projections, and presentation materials.  Developed complex dynamic financial projections which led to both improved internal decision making and ability to communicate the business opportunity to investors.  Resulted in well received executive summary and presentation.   
Client: Ambassador Organics     Year: 2008-09