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Our team of Green experts takes a holistic, systems approach to the enterprise and its ecosystem in designing solutions to sustainable challenges (including product design, material management, branding, energy, waste, green buildings, and market research). We maximize the value of sustainable initiatives by recognizing systemic context and aligning initiatives with core goals, values, and opportunities.

Our diversified team is passionately committed to sustainability and combines depth of business management experience.
Unlike large consultancies, we focus on Sustainability.  Our team is up-to-date across the spectrum of sustainable business. Unlike some boutique consultancies, our team consists of seasoned professionals with achievements in traditional operating areas of business (e.g., marketing, manufacturing, and finance).  We speak the language of business because our careers have been built in business. 

We use Best Practices in Sustainability planning and execution
. Our advanced techniques and tools include: Lean to Green, Systems Thinking, Voice of the Stakeholder, and Sustainable Frameworks.  We apply the most relevant of these to the process of assessments and planning; foot printing, LCA, product/marketing tests, eco-branding and communications (online discussions/surveys, forums, advisory councils, virtual product test labs, rapid prototyping), and ongoing brand equity tracking/customer satisfaction/loyalty measurements.

We like helping smaller-mid range organizations (100-2000 employees).  We’re built from the ground up to provide practical, affordable solution packages across high-impact sustainable business areas to mid-sized organizations. Larger competitors, who look for 6-figure engagements to pay for high labor costs and overhead, typically avoid these enterprises.

We leverage best of breed content and software. We are agnostic as to the software tools we use for our work, unlike some firms who sell proprietary software. Applications include: assessments, footprint calculators, LCA calculators, plan development and online collaboration, sustainability plan formulation and modeling, performance tracking and reporting, dashboards, as well as brand equity and corporate reputation trackers.

We focus on solutions that are customized for clients’ specific business strategy, markets, and practices. We tailor affordable methods for assessments, carbon foot printing, climate change efforts, plans, sector specific recommendations, best practices, performance metrics, certifications, and reporting. That means expert service combined with low operating costs: We will not “downsource” our work to inexperienced associates; our Partners work directly with our clients.