Sustainametrics, a next generation sustainability consultancy, launches

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Sustainametrics, a next generation sustainability consultancy, launches.

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Focus on profitable green strategies for small to mid range businesses and local government groups to improve efficiencies and profits.

San Rafael, CA, February 10, 2010: Sustainametrics announces the launch of a suite of advisory services and tools to help small to medium sized businesses and government entities grow revenues and reduce costs by greening their operations and products and services. The founding team comprises a comprehensive set of sustainability business expertise with over 150 years of collective experience in business and public sector operations, energy, water and material efficiency, environmental engineering, green certifications, renewable energy, green product design and marketing, stakeholder communications and engagement. Offices are located in Northern and Southern California and the Chicago area.

Designed to serve a growing market need for sustainable best practices that have quick payoff.

The SMB (small/medium business) segment in the US, comprised of over 12 million entities, is estimated to be responsible for as much as 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions and generated waste through direct or indirect energy use, transportation, manufacturing, supply chains, and product use and disposal. While many large businesses and cities are adopting green practices and even creating new sustainability director titles, many smaller-mid range organizations have neither the expertise nor the resources to make the full systems transformation required to get the promised economic and environmental benefits they seek. The Sustainametrics team focuses on this underserved segment. It also has the capacity to serve larger clients? needs and act as the internal sustainability team.
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What Does Walmart’s Sustainability Product Index Mean to You?

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What is it? What is driving it? How does it apply to you?

What is it?
Walmart’s Sustainability Index initiative is undoubtedly a shock to many of their 100,000 suppliers. The 15 questions on the Index focus on four areas: Energy and Climate, Material Efficiency, Natural Resources, and People and Community. These questions push beyond the typical boundaries that a supplier uses to manage their resources to remain a top competitor for the price-focused Walmart.

What is driving it?
We believe that Walmart, the worlds largest retailer, sees the path to sustainability as one that is driven by market forces, one that will give them a competitive edge, and one that makes them a ‘better’ company.  » Read more: What Does Walmart’s Sustainability Product Index Mean to You?

SEC issues “interpretive guidance” on Climate Change Disclosure

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SEC issues “interpretive guidance” on Climate Change Disclosure

On January 27, 2010 the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) approved release of “interpretative guidance” on existing disclosure requirements relating to climate change. The release statement explained that the guidance was intended to “provide clarity and enhance consistency”, that the SEC was not amending rules and interpretations, nor was it weighing in on the facts of climate change.

The guidance highlights that growing need for companies to address the impacts of potential regulatory changes, international treaties and accords, climate related environmental impacts, and other risks and opportunities related to climate change related marketplace developments in their disclosures. Sustainametrics’ strategic vision and financial acumen can assist your company recognize the risks and opportunities that these changing times present. Ask us how

EPA’s Seven Priorities

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EPA’s Seven Priorities

On January 12, 2010, EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, announced seven priorities for the EPA’s future. These build upon the five priorities that she announced at the beginning of her term a year ago. These seven priorities for the future are: 1) taking action on climate change, 2) improving air quality, 3) ensuring the safety of chemicals, 4) cleaning up our communities, 5) protecting America’s waters, 6) expanding the conversation on environmentalism and working for environmental justice, and 7) building strong state and tribal partnerships.

The first five are the priorities that Ms. Jackson announced at the start of her tenure in early 2009. The sixth priority extends the EPA engagement into the realm of environmental justice discussions and influence in EPA decision making. The seventh priority improves the collaboration and support of tribal nations and state governments in their actions for environmental protection.

How will the EPA’s priorities affect your business operations and markets? Sustainametrics works with organizations across several interelated areas of sustainable business, focused on the nexus of business performance and “taking action on climate change.”

White House Going LEED

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White House Going LEED In a continuing attempt to reduce energy use and manage the historical White House in a sustainable manner, the White House is working with the USGBC towards LEED certification. This decision highlights the many benefits from the LEED certification process and provides an example for the Nation (read more).

Walmart Drives Supply Chain Sustainability

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Walmart Drives Supply Chain Sustainability With its release of a 15-question list for its 100,000 suppliers, Walmart continues to work towards greening its supply chain. This is an opportunity to advance profitable and principled sustainable business practices, and Sustainametrics can show you how.