Sustainametrics, a next generation sustainability consultancy, launches

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Sustainametrics, a next generation sustainability consultancy, launches.

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Focus on profitable green strategies for small to mid range businesses and local government groups to improve efficiencies and profits.

San Rafael, CA, February 10, 2010: Sustainametrics announces the launch of a suite of advisory services and tools to help small to medium sized businesses and government entities grow revenues and reduce costs by greening their operations and products and services. The founding team comprises a comprehensive set of sustainability business expertise with over 150 years of collective experience in business and public sector operations, energy, water and material efficiency, environmental engineering, green certifications, renewable energy, green product design and marketing, stakeholder communications and engagement. Offices are located in Northern and Southern California and the Chicago area.

Designed to serve a growing market need for sustainable best practices that have quick payoff.

The SMB (small/medium business) segment in the US, comprised of over 12 million entities, is estimated to be responsible for as much as 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions and generated waste through direct or indirect energy use, transportation, manufacturing, supply chains, and product use and disposal. While many large businesses and cities are adopting green practices and even creating new sustainability director titles, many smaller-mid range organizations have neither the expertise nor the resources to make the full systems transformation required to get the promised economic and environmental benefits they seek. The Sustainametrics team focuses on this underserved segment. It also has the capacity to serve larger clients? needs and act as the internal sustainability team.

Sustainametrics uses a comprehensive approach to assess the client organizations? current path and goals, set up a profitable pathway to green operations and products, and provide the technical skills and strategies needed to execute. This is typically not available from neither capacity constrained sole practitioner green consultants nor large management consultancies and engineering firms that typically lack the needed suite of technical sustainability skills and business operational experience.. Sustainametrics offers a unique combination of:

1) comprehensive, systems approach to the entity;

2) formal, state of the art sustainability tools and training, and

3) a focus on profit and business value enhancement.

Through Sustainametrics customized approaches, guides, knowledge bases as well as licensable software, a large number of organizations will be able to affordably plan and execute initiatives to reduce their environmental impact, maximize efficiencies, green their products and services, and improve their brand/corporate value and profitability while improving their financial bottom line. .

Businesses are adopting sustainability as a profit enhancing strategy.

According to a recent study of several hundred organizations by Bob Willard, sustainability expert and author of the best selling book, The Sustainability Advantage, businesses that adopt sustainable practices achieve on average, between 20-35% annual improvements in profitability.

According to a 2009 Economist Intelligence Unit study of US executives, 40% of businesses have developed new products or services in the last two years that help to reduce or prevent environmental problems — and the demand for such goods and services is likely to rise as other firms and consumers seek to improve their energy efficiency. Even if some of this is just marketing — and eight out of ten (79%) respondents agree that too many firms use climate change as merely a marketing tool — a serious effort is under way in many industries to develop wholly new products, from electric cars and energy-efficient microprocessors to new home loans. Nearly one in three (30%) executives say such development will be a high priority in the coming years.

Drivers of adoption

Sustainable practices are becoming increasingly essential in this competitive and litigious business environment. Sustainametrics identifies the primary business drivers for adopting sustainability including:

Cost Savings-Energy efficiency: Many facilities can realize 20-30% improvements in energy use with little or no capital investment. Energy efficiency and leveraging government incentives where possible provides exceptional return on investment and market advantages. Energy audits and carbon foot printing can identify the easy to implement savings that can be derived by such actions as lighting conversion to CFLs or LEDs, weatherization, HVAC analysis & retrofits, Energy Star equipment purchases, less packaging, greener information technologies, business travel reduction using virtual meeting technology, and solar and wind based electricity generation.

Cost savings-Waste Reduction: The application of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle considerations drive reductions in material, transportation, manufacturing, and disposal costs. We focus on applying Lean concepts to identify and reduce waste throughout the enterprise.

Risk avoidance: Compliance with statutory regulations is the first step to avoiding penalties, negative press and keeping executives out of jail. Anticipating and developing strategies for impending regulations is a proven way to avoid costs and gain advantage over competition.

Revenue Enhancement: A growing customer preference for sustainable products and services represents opportunities for innovation and market share growth.

Product and Service differentiation: Design for sustainability methods allow companies to realize cost savings and differentiate products and services to satisfy customer expectations for minimizing environmental impact.

Supply chain optimization: Collaborating with suppliers on green initiatives helps mitigate the overall regulatory risk, increase control on supply chains, generate cost reduction opportunities, and enhance responsiveness to market changes

Transport costs optimization: Substantial benefits are derived from optimizing transportation logistics, including energy use during tendering and dispatching loads.

Materials risk mitigation: Reductions of energy and raw material consumption bring costs down and assure a higher resiliency to energy and raw material price volatility.


The core team consists of a well integrated group which brings over 150 years of collective experience in sustainability operations, operations, environmental engineering and science, LEED and green certifications, energy management, lean manufacturing, marketing, green product design and development.

Sustainametrics Team

Sustainametrics Team

Top from left: Mike Harrison, Kristin York; Bottom from left: John Mascarenhas, Chris Yalonis, Mike Olson, Doug Carter

For additional information on Sustainametrics, contact Chris Yalonis at 415-453-9030 or go to

Sustainametrics provides consulting expertise, web based tools and knowledge bases to businesses and government agencies to help them achieve high sustainability performance. Services include research/planning and assessments, energy/climate program planning, water/carbon/waste reduction, green certifications, eco-market opportunity analysis and strategies for revenue growth, and sustainability training.


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